Quinboards X Walzen wheels

Quinboards is a longboard brand from Cologne/Germany. They offer a wide range of different longboards and all decks are handmade in Germany. Most quinboards boards are now assembled with Bolzen trucks and Walzen wheels so check them out: Quinboards

Concretewave Videoblog

Sorry german language only. Schon etwas älter aber in diesem Videoblog vom Concretewave Skateshop zeigt und erklärt Heiko euch das komplette Walzen wheels Lineup. Er gibt ein paar Infos wer eigentlich dahinter steckt und warum wir das ganze hier machen…

Roman Tschofen raw run

check Roman´s latest raw run on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/walzenwheels/ and here are some great pics from Almabtrieb 2016. Pic by @ckphotogrhy

Womens Longboard Camp

This year Walzen wheels supports the “Woman Longboard Camp” for the first time. We produced some limited edition 64mm “Insul” wheels in 82a just for the girls. For more information about the camp visit the girls on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/WmsLongboardcamp/

Walzen Wheels X Instagram

We are now although available on Instagram.

Walzen wheels X Facebook

We are proud to announce that we are now officially on Facebook. Most brands first do a facebook page and then months later they come up with a product or whatever. For us a good product is more important than…

Walzen wheels are available now!

We are very proud to announce that all Walzen wheels are available now. Finally after nearly 2 years the complete lineup is ready to hit the streets.

Ispo Munich 2016

For us it was the first time that we really had a small booth together with Bolzen trucks at the Ispo tradeshow in Munich. Two years ago we showed our first samples of wheels but as usual good things take some time……

Happy New year!

We wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2016. Watch out for all our new wheels that will be released the next weeks… Teamrider Roman on his home spot sliding the Walzen “Insul” wheels 70mm/78a.

Autumn Fog

Check Quinboards team rider and employee of Concretewave Skateshop Jan Kreisel Saraiva skating some nice hills in Germany. Jan skates a Quinboards proto, GOG trucks, Sunrise bearings and Walzen “Insul” wheels. Thanks to Christian for this nice video.